Top 5 Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers in Faridabad

February 9, 2024by Netsol Water

Top 5 Commercial Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant Manufacturers in Faridabad

With water contamination levels rising globally, commercial establishments need robust reverse osmosis (RO)–based purification systems to meet their sizeable daily water usage. Faridabad has emerged as a critical manufacturing hub catering to this demand, housing over 100 companies that design and build customized commercial RO plants. The top 5 commercial RO plant manufacturers in Faridabad discuss why Netsol Water leads the list.

What is reverse osmosis (RO)?

RO is a multi-stage filtration process that eliminates dissolved impurities from water by pushing it under high pressure through a semi-permeable membrane. The result is purified water suitable for drinking, cooking, cleaning, industrial applications, etc. Pre-treatment, membrane separation, and post-treatment components are tailored to meet specific commercial needs.

Criteria for Ranking Commercial RO Companies

The commercial RO plant manufacturers in Faridabad have been ranked based on the following parameters:

  • Experience and Market Standing
  • Customization Capabilities
  • Use of Advanced Technologies
  • Range of Offerings
  • After-Sales Service Quality
  • Clientele Portfolio
  • R&D Competencies

Top 5 Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers in Faridabad

  1. Netsol Water
  2. Sewage Treatment Plants
  3. Commercial RO Plant
  4. Urban RO Plant
  5. Commercial RO Plant Manufacturer

1 Netsol Water

Netsol Water with its best commercial RO plant manufacturing tops the list for its technical excellence, innovative designs, and stellar after-sales service. Key strengths:

  • 20+ years of industry experience
  • A robust R&D division drives innovation
  • Customizations for exact capacity and water parameters
  • Inclusion of latest technologies like UV, ultrafiltration, etc.
  • Mineral and nutrient additions for taste enhancement
  • Fully automated operation and efficiency monitoring
  • Prompt commissioning and lifetime support
  • Economical pricing

Netsol’s advanced commercial RO solutions lead to over 60% higher output, 35% increased energy savings, and reduced client maintenance costs, making them the undisputed #1 choice.

2. Sewage Treatment Plants

Operational since 2018, Sewage Treatment Plants has offered electric and skid-mounted RO systems from 500 to 1,000,000 liters per day. They also provide community drinking water solutions.

3. Commercial RO Plant

A leading industrial solutions provider, Commercial RO Plant provides high-quality commercial RO plants leveraging spiral wound, double pass, and hollow fiber membranes. Capacities range from 50 to 100,000 liters per hour.

4. Urban RO Plant

This company manufactures electric, fuel, and solar-powered commercial RO systems with a capacity between 50 and 10,000 liters per hour. Mineral addition systems provide healthy, alkaline water.

5. Commercial RO Plant Manufacturer

Better known for domestic water purifiers, the Commercial RO Plant Manufacturer also produces electric and skid-mounted commercial RO solutions using advanced technologies like RO+UV+UF and multi-stage mineral RO.

With its stellar performance record, Netsol Water is the most reliable commercial RO plant manufacturer in Faridabad.


Water contamination poses significant health and operational risks for commercial facilities with high daily usage. To mitigate this, customized and efficient reverse osmosis systems are crucial. As an established production center, Faridabad is home to over 100 commercial RO manufacturing companies. Based on extensive research and comparisons, Netsol Water is the #1 manufacturer due to its technical competencies, energy-efficient and innovative designs, prompt after-sales support, and proven reliability across 300+ national installations over 20+ years. For businesses seeking robust commercial-scale RO water purification systems in Faridabad, Netsol Water is undoubtedly the premier partner choice.

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