Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Kerala

As a leader in the industry of waste and wastewater treatment, we are always ready with the best and most effective Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Kerala, India.

Sewage Treatment Plant in Kerala

We are one of the best Water Treatment, Sewage water treatment systems Manufacturers in Kerala. Reputed Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Kerala, Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant Suppliers, exporters in Kerala, Kochi, Karnataka, India.

Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Kerala

We Netsol Water are one of the leading and technically advanced Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Kerala, which used to treat wastewater and sludge treatment effectively.  Our powerful and toughest Sewage Treatment Plant treats sewage without using too much power. Our research team of Netsol Group works closely to provide cost-effective and user-specific needs. Our conventional STP Plant and microbiological sewage treatment process use fewer chemicals, which is eco-friendly.

During primary treatment, wastewater is screened for the removal of solids, grit, and first sedimentation. The filtered water is chlorinated for disinfection. a part of the wastewater is subjected to secondary treatment, which utilizes special strains of aerobic bacteria (bacteria that require oxygen to grow) to interrupt down the organic waste left after primary treatment. The secondary treatment process removes up to 95 percent of suspended solids within the waste stream and is significantly simpler than primary treatment in removing biological pathogens from sewage. We also provide prompt after-sales services for troubleshooting and maintenance of the installed systems.

Features of Sewage Treatment Plants by Netsol Water-

  1. Modular, Pre-fabricated/Skid mounted/totally underground design for apartments and hotels
  2. Turnkey solutions offered for Hospitals, Apartment Complexes, and Townships
  3. Modular units suitable for re-location, if and when required in future
  4. An odor-free unit delivering crystal clear water
  5. Treated water from the System is suitable for re-use in irrigation, flushing toilets, and floor cleaning
  6. Post-chlorination and filtration make treated water 100% pathogen-free
  7. Service Contracts from operating & maintaining the unit

Technologies of STP

We manufactured STP plant with below-mentioned technologies-

  1. MBR Sewage Treatment Plant
  2. Sewage Water Treatment Plants
  3. SBR Sewage Treatment Plants
  4. Sewage Treatment Plants
  5. Compact Sewage Treatment Plant
  6. Containerized Sewage Treatment Plant
  7. Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant
  8. MMBR Technology Based Sewage Treatment Plant
  9. FAB Sewage Treatment Plants
  10. SAFF Sewage Treatment Plants
  11. Industrial Sewage Treatment Plant
  12. Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant
  13. Commercial Sewage Treatment Plant
  14. Institutional Sewage Treatment Plant
  15. Sewage Treatment Equipment
  16. Extended Aeration Technology

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