Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturer

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All About ETP Plant

Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturer

Netsol Water is India’s best and fastest-growing company as Top Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturer. Our world-class technology and more modern membrane processes help the end-user best solution for sewage. Our quality Packaged and Compact ETP Plant follows all the norms and regulations as directed by CPCB / SPCB.

Effluent treatment plants to deal with the issues industrial wastewater and effluents become the primary and important wastewater solution in our country. For wastewater treatment, Netsol Water is the best effluent treatment plant manufacturer and supplier from Delhi, Noida, India.

What is an Effluent Treatment Plant?

Effluent treatment plant (ETP) is a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) that treats
wastewater, generally from industries. It is typically employed in sectors like
pharmaceuticals, textiles, and chemicals where there's a risk of excessive water pollution. Organic matter, inorganic matter, heavy metals, oil and grease, suspended particles, and other pollutants are all handled in ETPs wastewater treatment process. There are various types of wastewater treatment plants, including chemical treatment, biological treatment, a mix of chemical and biological treatment, and much more.

Features of an Effluent Treatment Plant

1) These provide a long-lasting and greater use;
2) A variety of specifications are available;
3) They provide a simple installation;
4) They do not need everyday maintenance.

Site Characteristics in ETP Design

When developing an ETP, site characteristics such as type of soil, topography, geology,
hydrology, climate, and land use are taken into account.
Knowledge of the depth of the rock layer and topography also aids in the design of ETP’s that use gravity flow and pipe burial, both of which are essential. ETP design takes into account soil thickness, composition, characteristics, organic and inorganic materials, and  permeability (capacity to store water). These plants may have an impact on land utilized in construction.

Wastewater Characteristics in ETP Design

The physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of wastewater must be considered.
The size of an effluent treatment plant, or ETP, is determined by its flow (measured in m 3
per day). The flow of wastewater should be appropriately anticipated taking into account all probable reasons, otherwise it will impair hydraulic computations, channels, and pipes. Also a temporary high flow (e.g., rainfall) necessitates the construction of an equalization pond in order to maintain a steady flow downstream in the treatment procedure. Equalization ponds also assist to minimize wastewater toxicity.
A: Wastewater physical characteristics include pH, colour, odour, and temperature.
Suspended particles, grease, and oil are indicators of severely dirty wastewater with low turbidity. The presence of these substances indicates the necessity for pre-treatment before releasing them into the environment. Temperature is also an important aspect since the greater the temperature, the faster the reaction.
B: Organic and inorganic compounds in solutions and gases are among the chemical
properties of wastewater. The biological oxygen demand (BOD) of effluent is an indication of the quantity of biological substances (proteins, lipids, etc.). The comparison of BOD for untreated and treated effluent offers an indication of the efficacy of the Effluent treatment facility. COD is a measurement of biodegradable and non-biodegradable organics. The ratio of BOD to COD also reveals a lot about the health of the ETP.
Inorganic chemicals such as chlorine, nitrogen, heavy metals, cyanides, phosphorous, and sulfur must also be removed from effluent because nitrogen and phosphorus promote excessive algal development, while dangerous heavy metals enhance toxicity.
Various gases are produced as a result of microbial activity in wastewater treatment
systems. The gases reveal whether aerobic or anaerobic breakdown is occurring.

What do we have to offer?

Netsol Water has earned a reputation and success in the national economy for providing a superior range of well-designed commercial and industrial Effluent Treatment Plants. They are used in numerous manufacturing and other industries for precise wastewater management. The facilities help to treat wastewater by utilizing modern methods and the finest technological assistance. They are environmentally beneficial since the purified water may be reused for a variety of reasons. Our ETPs have the potential to operate for indefinite periods of time without malfunctioning or failing.
To begin the conversation or to buy direct from effluent treatment plant manufacturer, please contact us at +919650608473 or send an email to
enquiry@netsolwater.com for further information or product purchase related query.

How many types of ETP plants are there?

Basically, there are three types of large treatment plants for water and wastewater used in industry.

  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Water Treatment Plant (WTP Plants)

Sewage treatment plants remove the contaminants from waste water and household sewage. Sewage treatment plants use biological, chemical and physical processes to treat waste water and remove contaminants from it. The sludge produced is treated to also be safe for reuse back in the environment.

Effluent treatment plants are used by chemical and pharmaceutical industries to remove toxic material from waste water. An effluent treatment plant is where industrial effluent is treated.

Water treatment removes contaminants from water for the purpose of safe use and human consumable or industry use.  A water treatment plant is the physical infrastructure where water  from rain, ground, river, sea water is treated.

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When you are going to buy or thinking about to buy STP Plant, the very first question came into your mind is where and how to best wastewater treatment plant, Who is the best Manufacturer of STP Plant, Commercial RO Plant. For this problem, we suggest Netsol Water Solutions, one of the best companies in India with having its corporate office in Greater Noida the best Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer in Delhi, Noida, India.

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