Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Kolkata

As a leader in the industry of waste and wastewater treatment, we are always ready with the best and most effective Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Delhi.

Sewage Treatment Plant in Kolkata

Sewage Plants treat the wastewater and sludge for reusability or before it discharges back into the environment. Let’s get to know more about the best quality, latest, and leading manufacturer of STP plants near you.

Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Kolkata

As one of the fastest-growing and leading we are pleased to introduce ourselves as Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Kolkata. By the incorporation year 2006, we Netsol Water Solutions is the market leader in manufacturing, trading, and supplier of products Effluent Treatment Plant, Commercial RO Plant, Industrial RO Plants.

We are the largest supplier of waste and wastewater treatment products in west Bengal, India as well as worldwide. We are specialized in Sewage treatment plants, ETP Plants, commercial or plants, industrial water treatment solutions, and Water ATMs. We have a wide range of products for solving water issues in Kolkata.

Water Treatment Products-

  1. Drinking-Water Filtration Systems
  2. Boiler and chiller plant water treatment
  3. Swimming Pool Water Treatment
  4. Industrial Water Treatment
  5. Garbage waste converter machines
  6. Water ATM
  7. Commercial RO Plant

Why Choose Netsol as a sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Kolkata

We have over 15+ years of experience in consultancy and execution of work in sewage water treatment plants. We served more than 500+ customers and Industry in India & worldwide. Our Client list includes reputed industries, government bodies, individuals to get their waste and wastewater solutions following government and local authority norms.

Our cost-effective STP Plants solutions allow industry and clients to reduce the running cost, electricity charges, maintenance cost of plants.

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Top Quality Sewage Treatment Plant in Kolkata, West Bengal

We are one of the leading wastewater treatment plant manufacturers and suppliers. We are the leading water treatment company for Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Kolkata. We’ve hundred plus water treatment plant installation experience. For Any inquiry Email us at

Global Reach

A vast network of its global reach and global clients.

Best Technology

Having Internationally approved technology for the best solutions.

Research Unit

With its own research unit, it provides the best solution to every problem of wastewater and upgrading its technology for zero discharge.

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