Top 5 Industrial RO Plant Manufacturers in Gurugram

May 29, 2024by Netsol Water

An industrial RO plant is a large-scale water purification system designed to remove dissolved solids, minerals, and other contaminants from water. It uses a semi-permeable membrane to filter out impurities, producing high-quality purified water. We will discuss the top 5 industrial RO plant manufacturers in Gurugram.

How Do Industrial RO Plants Work?

Water is pumped through the RO membrane at high pressure. The membrane allows water molecules to pass through while rejecting dissolved solids, salts, heavy metals, and other contaminants. The purified water is collected on one side, while the concentrated reject stream is disposed of.

Uses of Industrial RO Plants:

Industrial RO plants provide purified water for various applications like:

1: Boiler feed water for power plants and factories

2: Process water for pharmaceutical and chemical industries

3: Rinse water for electroplating and metal finishing

4: Water for food and beverage processing

5: Ultrapure water for microelectronics manufacturing

Why Gurugram Needs Industrial RO Plant Manufacturers?

Gurugram is a major industrial hub in the National Capital Region. Many factories, companies, and businesses require a steady supply of purified water. The presence of reputed industrial RO plant manufacturers in Gurugram ensures:

1: Easy access to high-quality water treatment systems

2: Timely maintenance and servicing support

3: Customized solutions for specific industry needs

4: Water conservation through recycling and zero liquid discharge

Key Features to Look for in an Industrial RO Plant Manufacturer

When choosing an industrial RO plant manufacturer, consider the following key features:

  1. Proven Experience and Expertise

Look for manufacturers with extensive experience in designing, installing, and maintaining industrial RO systems. Their expertise should span various industries and applications.

  1. Customized Solutions

Every industry has unique water treatment requirements. Choose a manufacturer that offers customized RO plant designs tailored to your specific needs, water quality, and capacity requirements.

  1. Advanced Technology and Membranes

Opt for manufacturers that use state-of-the-art RO membranes and components from reputed brands. Their systems should incorporate the latest technologies for optimum performance and efficiency.

  1. Energy-Efficient and Environment-Friendly

Industrial RO plants consume significant energy and generate waste streams. Prioritize manufacturers that offer energy-efficient and eco-friendly solutions, including wastewater recycling and zero liquid discharge systems.

  1. Comprehensive After-Sales Support

Reliable after-sales service and maintenance support are crucial for the smooth operation of an industrial RO plant. Choose a manufacturer that provides prompt service, spare parts availability, and skilled technicians.

  1. Certifications and Quality Standards

Look for manufacturers that adhere to relevant industry certifications and quality standards, ensuring their systems meet stringent performance and safety criteria.

Top 5 Industrial RO Plant Manufacturers in Gurugram

  1. Netsol Water

At Netsol Water, we are a leading industrial RO plant manufacturer and supplier in Gurugram. Our robust RO systems cater to the diverse water treatment requirements of various industries. As pioneers in the water treatment industry, we offer cutting-edge industrial RO solutions. Our key strengths include:

1: State-of-the-art RO membranes and components

2: Customized plant design for optimum performance

3: Energy-efficient and environment-friendly systems

4: Zero liquid discharge and wastewater recycling plants

5: Comprehensive after-sales service and annual maintenance

  1. Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage Treatment Plants is a reputed name in industrial water treatment. Their RO plants are known for:

1: Modular and skid-mounted designs

2: Automated controls and monitoring systems

3: Pre-treatment and post-treatment integrated solutions

4: Diverse range from 1 KL to 1000 KL capacity

  1. Urban RO Plant

Urban RO Plant specializes in industrial RO plants with advanced features like:

1: Multi-stage purification with specialized membranes

2: Programmable logic controllers for process automation

3: Remote monitoring and control capabilities

4: Containerized and mobile RO plant models

  1. Ion Exchange

Ion Exchange offers robust industrial RO solutions designed for:

1: High water recovery rates up to 90%

2: Superior membrane life and performance

3: Integrated pre-treatment and post-treatment units

4: Compliance with stringent quality standards

  1. Aqualyons Systems

Aqualyons is a trusted name for industrial RO systems, offering:

1: Customized plant designs for specific applications

2: Efficient pre-treatment systems like multimedia filters

3: User-friendly controls and monitoring interface

4: Comprehensive service and maintenance support


Industrial RO plants ensure a reliable supply of purified water for various industries. In Gurugram, the presence of reputed manufacturers like Netsol Water, Sewage Treatment Plants, Urban RO Plant, Ion Exchange, and Aqualyons Systems offers businesses access to advanced water treatment solutions.

When selecting an industrial RO plant manufacturer, prioritize their expertise, customization capabilities, technological prowess, energy efficiency, and after-sales support.

Our commitment at Netsol Water is to provide cutting-edge RO systems that meet the highest standards of quality, performance, and sustainability.

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