Compact Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer

Compact Sewage Treatment Plant is one of the latest innovations by us in India to solve the low space and best in quality for small stp plant.
All About Compact STP Plant

Compact Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer

NSWSPL is India’s biggest Compact Sewage Treatment Plant manufacturer with its head office in Greater Noida. Compact modern STP is small in size and can be installed underground or above ground. Its compact and unique designs look pretty and take a very low space to install. Compact STP is odor-free and noise-free so it can be installed anywhere as per your convenience.

Netsol Water Compact  Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer and distributed by Netsol Noida, Delhi, India, are prefabricated solutions, delivered to the customer able to install as Plug & Play and prepared use. Netsol small sewage and wastewater treatment plants, & other similar products internationally certified in line with the very best standards. The systems are packaged in cylindrical of a polymer of propylene used as a thermoplastic molding material (polypropylene) containers and may be delivered with phosphorous removal kits & UV-tertiary handling units.

Key Features of Compact STP Plant –

  1. No operator required
  2. Meets all compliance requirements
  3. Treated water can be reused for horticulture
  4. Modern Packaged STP Can be installed underground
  5. Modern STP is energy efficient-up to 75% power saving
  6. No Sand & Charcoal Filters necessary

Where to Buy

Compact Modern Sewage Treatment Plant

Netsol Water Solutions Provides Indias best compact STP Plant. As Netsol is the best Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer in Delhi, Noida, India, it also started manufacturing the modern compact sewage treatment plant with the best European technology.

Global Reach

A vast network of its global reach and global clients.

Best Technology

Having Internationally approved technology for the best solutions.

Research Unit

With its own research unit, it provides the best solution to every problem of wastewater and upgrading its technology for zero discharge.

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