Top 5 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Ghaziabad

February 7, 2024by Netsol Water

Top 5 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Ghaziabad

Sewage treatment is a critical component of environmental and public health in any city. Ghaziabad, located in the National Capital Region of India, has seen rapid urbanization and population growth over the past few decades. This has put immense pressure on the city’s sewage infrastructure. To meet the rising sewage treatment needs, Ghaziabad has seen an influx of sewage treatment plant manufacturers who are bringing innovative technologies and solutions. We will look at the top 5 sewage treatment plant manufacturers in Ghaziabad.

Top 5 STP Plant Manufacturers in Ghaziabad

1- Netsol Water

Ranked number one among ETP and STP plant manufacturers in Ghaziabad is Netsol Water. Established in 2012, Netsol Water has grown to become a leading company in the water and wastewater treatment sector across India. The company manufactures a wide range of sewage treatment products, including MBBR plants, SBR plants, tertiary treatment systems, disinfection systems, and more.

Netsol Water uses advanced technologies such as a moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR), which allows for a more compact plant design. The MBBR plants by Netsol Water require less space and investment compared to conventional treatment methods. Besides robust technology, a key strength of Netsol Water is its expertise in designing and building customized sewage treatment solutions based on the unique needs and demands of the client.

The company also utilizes mechanized tanks rather than civil tanks, which enhances durability and reduces construction time. Netsol’s sewage treatment plants are designed for low operational costs and ease of maintenance. With its consistent innovation, technology leadership, and proven track record of projects, Netsol Water has cemented its position as the top sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Ghaziabad.

2- Sewage Treatment Plants

In second place is Sewage Treatment Plants, a rapidly growing sewage treatment company based out of Ghaziabad. Since being incorporated in 2016, Sewage Treatment Plants has executed several prominent sewage treatment projects across Uttar Pradesh, Delhi NCR, Haryana, and other states.

Sewage Treatment Plants both conventional sewage treatment plants as well as advanced systems that leverage newer technologies like the Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR), Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR), and Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR). The company employs skilled engineers and technicians who can design highly optimized sewage treatment solutions.

A key strength of Sewage Treatment Plants is its in-house design, manufacturing, and construction capabilities, which provide better control over the quality and timely execution of projects. The company’s sewage treatment plants are known for their robust performance, low operating costs, and minimal maintenance requirements. With a customer-centric approach, Avalon continues to deliver innovative sewage treatment infrastructure in Ghaziabad and beyond.

3- Urban STP Plant

In third place is the Urban STP Plant, one of the pioneers in sewage treatment in the Ghaziabad region. Established in 2018, the Urban STP Plant has successfully executed over 200 sewage and water treatment projects across India. The company offers both conventional and advanced sewage treatment technologies like SBR, MBBR, and MBR adapted to the specific needs of the client.

Urban STP Plant designs and manufactures sewage treatment systems with varying capacities. The company employs a team of process engineers who design treatment plants optimized for parameters like land availability, underground constraints, existing topography, and expected treated water quality. Key advantages of Urban STP Plant’s sewage treatment offerings include a compact plant footprint, minimal maintenance, and high operational reliability.

The company maintains its manufacturing facilities and also oversees installation as well as commissioning. Known for its execution expertise, Urban STP Plant continues to be a trusted choice for sewage treatment requirements in Ghaziabad and neighboring areas.

4- Compact STP Plant

In fourth place is Compact STP Plant, a Noida-based company providing turnkey solutions in water and wastewater management since 2019. The company offers both conventional and advanced sewage treatment technologies like SBR, MBBR, and MBR, catering to varied project requirements.

With an in-house design and engineering team, Compact STP Plant can design customized sewage treatment solutions that account for factors like land constraints, existing infrastructure, and effluent parameters. The company manufactures high-quality treatment systems, including clarifiers, bioreactors, tertiary filters, and other equipment, using robotic welding, advanced shot blasting, and priming techniques.

Compact STP Plant is adept at the timely execution of projects by employing project management tools and quality control protocols. The company also undertakes operations & maintenance of sewage treatment plants, helping clients derive maximum efficiency at minimal operational costs. With expertise across the project lifecycle, Compact STP Plant continues to execute notable sewage infrastructure projects in the Ghaziabad region.

5- Water Treatment Plant

Finally, ranking number five is Water Treatment Plant, a Greater Noida-based sewage treatment company operating since 2019. Essen offers conventional activated sludge-based sewage treatment plants in both fixed and moving variants with varying capacities.

The company employs a qualified design team that can customize sewage treatment solutions based on client requirements and site conditions. A key strength of Water Treatment Plant is its portfolio of advanced add-on solutions, including tertiary treatment, disinfection, digester mixing, and automation systems that enhance treatment plant performance.

Water Treatment Plant maintains stringent quality standards and reviews across design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning to ensure seamless execution of projects. The company also provides operation and maintenance services for sewage treatment plants, leveraging its team of trained service engineers. Known for the timely completion of projects, the Water Treatment Plant continues to be a reputable sewage treatment company in Ghaziabad.


Sewage treatment plants are critical for maintaining public health standards and environmental sustainability in urban regions like Ghaziabad. We have looked at the top 5 sewage treatment plant manufacturers in Ghaziabad who are at the forefront of delivering innovative and reliable solutions in this space. With their advanced technologies, customized design capabilities, and proven execution expertise, these companies are equipped to handle the rising sewage treatment demands of Ghaziabad. As the city continues to grow, these reputable manufacturers will play a key role in developing a robust and efficient sewage treatment ecosystem.

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