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May 23, 2024by Netsol Water

Noida is an industrial hub. Many industries are located here. These industries produce a lot of wastewater. This wastewater is called effluent. The effluent contains harmful chemicals. It cannot be discharged untreated. Special effluent treatment plants (ETPs) treat this wastewater. They remove the harmful pollutants. Treated water is safe to discharge. There are many effluent treatment plant manufacturers in Noida. Netsol Water is a leading name. Other top companies are Thermax, Ion Exchange, Driplex and Sewage Treatment Plants. We will discuss effluent treatment plants and the top manufacturers of effluent treatment plants in Noida. Their technologies, treatment efficiency and services are covered. Let’s begin!

What are Effluent Treatment Plants?

Effluent treatment plants treat industrial wastewater. This wastewater contains toxic chemicals. It has high levels of pollutants. ETPs remove these pollutants through various processes. They make the water safe for discharge.

Effluents come from different industries. Examples are pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles, distilleries, etc. Each industry’s effluent is different. Treatment methods vary as per effluent composition. However, the basic treatment stages are similar.

Working on Effluent Treatment Plants

Effluent treatment happens in stages:

1) Primary treatment removes large solid wastes.

2) Secondary treatment uses biological methods. Microbes break down organic pollutants.

3) Tertiary stage involves chemical treatment. It removes color, odor and other pollutants.

4) Final disinfection kills harmful microbes present.

For the treatment of effluent, different processes are used. Examples are screening, sedimentation, activated sludge and more. Advanced technologies ensure high treatment efficiency.

Need for ETP Manufacturers in Noida 

Noida has many industries like pharmaceuticals and chemicals. They generate huge amounts of effluent. This effluent is highly polluting. It cannot be discharged untreated. Local laws are very strict. Proper treatment is a must.

This creates a high demand for effluent treatment plants. World-class manufacturers are needed in Noida. They can set up advanced ETPs for industries. Reputed companies have the latest technological abilities. They ensure complete effluent treatment as per norms.

Industries Using Effluent Treatment Plants

Many major industries need ETPs. These include:

1: Pharmaceutical – High pollutant load effluent

2: Chemical – Contains toxic chemicals

3: Textile – Has colors, dyes etc.

4: Distilleries – Effluent with high organic load

5: Food processing – High BOD and solid wastes

Many other sectors also need ETPs. Proper treatment is legally required everywhere.

Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Noida

  1. Netsol Water

Netsol Water is the market leader in ETP plants. It offers customized zero-discharge solutions. Advanced treatment technologies are used. These ensure the complete reuse of treated water. Top-notch quality standards are met.

Netsol Water has expertise in all sectors. It handles pharmaceuticals, textiles, distilleries etc. Each plant is designed for specific effluent. Biological treatment with membrane bioreactors is used. The tertiary treatment gives pure water.

The latest tech like MBBR, SBR is deployed. Netsol offers turnkey solutions and services. 24×7 monitoring and maintenance is available.

  1. Thermax

Thermax designs and manufactures world-class ETPs. It uses cutting-edge technologies like MBBR and FMBR. Advanced oxidation and ozonation are also used. Complete wastewater recycling is possible.

Thermax has experience across sectors. These include pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles etc. It has expertise in common and specialized treatment methods. Turnkey services from design to execution are provided. Efficient after-sales support ensures smooth operations.

  1. Ion Exchange

Ion Exchange is a major water treatment company. It offers complete ETP solutions for all industries. Modular and pre-engineered systems are available. These ensure rapid installation and commissioning.

Latest processes like MBBR, FMBR are used. Tertiary treatment with UF, RO and ozonation happens. Complete wastewater recycle and reuse is achieved. Ion Exchange focuses on energy and cost efficiency.  Comprehensive O&M and spares support is provided.

  1. Driplex

Driplex offers customized effluent treatment systems. It has domain knowledge across sectors. These include pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, textiles etc. Each ETP is designed for specific effluent composition.

Driplex uses advanced technologies like MBR. Tertiary RO and MEE systems ensure zero liquid discharge. All treated water is recovered and reused. Driplex has good expertise in achieving norms. It provides turnkey solutions from design to commissioning.

  1. Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage Treatment Plants designs and manufactures superior effluent treatment plants. It focuses on the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. ETPs with specialized processes are provided. These ensure complete treatment.

Technologies like hybrid MBBR and FMBR are used. Tertiary treatment involves RO, ozonation etc. Energy-efficient designs ensure low operating costs. Triveni also has expertise in common effluent treatment plants (CETPs). It provides turnkey solutions and services.

Many other companies also manufacture ETPs in Noida. Some examples are Reit, Spectrum, Shayog, Dolphin and more. They offer customized solutions for all sectors. Advanced biological, chemical, tertiary processes are used. Some specialize in specific domains like pharmaceuticals. Others handle common and specialized needs. Most provide design, installation, O&M services.


Noida is an effluent treatment hub. Many leading manufacturers are located here. They offer world-class ETP plants for all industries. Advanced tech like MBBR, MBR, RO ensures complete treatment. The focus is on water recycling and zero discharge.

Netsol Water, Thermax, Ion Exchange are the major names. They lead with the latest processes and expertise. Other manufacturers like Driplex, Sewage Treatment Plants also provide good solutions. With the presence of these top manufacturers, all effluent norms are efficiently met in Noida.

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