Can water from the sewage treatment plant be drinkable?

July 15, 2022by Netsol Water1

Have you ever taken the concern of treating Sewage water and using it for various purposes such as in agriculture and industries? We are pretty sure you must have. With a lot of technological advancements in the era, this doesn’t surprise that the water that earlier wasn’t considered to be of any use can now be considered for alternative purposes.

Do you know what it indicates? It is a clear cut indication of our planet’s people becoming environmentally conscious. Instead of using fresh water in agriculture and industries, they use treated Sewage water, hence saving the highest percentage of fresh water for drinking purposes.

But what if we tell you that treated Sewage water can also be used for drinking? Yes, you heard it right! Treated Sewage water after recycling can be used for drinking purposes. Most people consider the treated Sewage water cleaner than the available drinking water.

Before we move forward, you need to know about the cleaning process of Sewage water. Let us understand:

  • The first and the foremost thing that you should understand is that it is possible to clean the Sewage water. The water so treated can be used not only for agricultural or industrial purposes but also for drinking purposes.
  • Depending on the purpose, there are different degrees of purification. For example, if the goal is agriculture and industrial, then the first degree of treatment will suffice, and if the purpose is drinking, then the second degree of treatment must be given.
  • In the first degree, the water will be converted into reclaimed water and used for the purposes mentioned above. But the reclaimed water will not be suitable for drinking purposes. It has to undergo second-degree treatment. In this step, the water will be termed recycled water, and it is highly qualified for drinking purposes.

Having understood the essential points, let us look briefly at the working of a Sewage treatment plant. The Sewage treatment plant works usually works in three stages:

  • Primary stage: In this stage, the large-sized solid particles are removed from the liquid solution. Primary stage mainly focuses on removing the big-sized particles so that it does not damage the filters in next phase.
  • Secondary stage: Secondary stage usually focuses on removing the organic wastes such as bacteria, viruses etc. The microorganisms at this stage are given the primary importance for removal because they consume sludge within the Wastewater. At this stage, the water is made free from contaminants. This water becomes reclaimed water and hence is suitable for agriculture and industrial purposes.
  • Tertiary stage: At this stage, the water is almost clean. But it contains micro contaminants that are generally toxic and hazardous. So, the primary purpose of tertiary treatment remains is to purify the suitable water for drinking. In other words, it converts the reclaimed water into recycled water. The instruments used in this process are UV-based purification and clinical treatment.

So, we hope that you are now clear whether Sewage water is fit for drinking or not. It is suitable for drinking if properly treated but unfit if it’s directly discharged from factories untreated.

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