Top 5 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Delhi

February 5, 2024by Netsol Water

With Delhi’s population exploding, sewage management has become a top priority. Proper sewage treatment is crucial for public health, environmental sustainability, and preventing diseases. Choosing the right sewage treatment plant (STP) manufacturer is key for Delhi to build the infrastructure required to process its waste effectively. This article explores the top 5 sewage treatment plant manufacturers in Delhi, outlining their unique technologies and capabilities.

Top 5 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Delhi

  1. Netsol Water
  2. Sewage Treatment Plants
  3. Urban STP Plants
  4. Compact STP Plant
  5. Water Treatment Plant

1- Netsol Water

Ranked number one, Netsol Water distinguishes itself as a pioneering STP plant manufacturer serving Delhi. With over a decade of experience building treatment plants across India, Netsol Water has installed some of the largest capacity STPs in Delhi using advanced technologies.

Netsol Water creates custom-designed STPs based on the unique needs and wastewater composition of each location. Their solutions include conventional activated sludge process plants as well as innovative Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) systems. MBBR provides efficient treatment using minimal space and energy.

Beyond plant construction, Netsol Water provides comprehensive operation and maintenance services. Their remote monitoring systems and qualified technicians ensure their STPs run optimally. Netsol Water has the proven expertise to deliver reliable, large-scale treatment plants to meet Delhi’s growing sewage treatment demands.

2- Sewage Treatment Plants

In second place, Sewage Treatment Plants has installed multiple STPs across Delhi utilizing conventional activated sludge and MBBR processes.

A key strength of Sewage Treatment Plants is their in-house design, manufacturing, and construction. This vertical integration enables customized plants and quicker project execution. They also emphasize robust operating parameters for efficient treatment along with cost-effective operation.

Kesla’s additional services include facility audits, operator training, laboratory setup, and maintenance. With a track record of successful medium-scale STPs in Delhi, Kesla Systems provides reliable treatment technology.

3- Urban STP Plant

Ranked third is the well-established firm, Urban STP Plant. They have engineered numerous large-scale STPs for municipalities and industrial clients across India.

The Urban STP Plant utilizes a conventional, extended aeration-activated sludge process along with tertiary treatment options. Their systems are proven to meet the stringent discharge standards of Delhi.

With in-house design and manufacturing, Urban STP Plant can deliver complex, large-capacity STPs while ensuring effective project management and quality construction. They also provide operational training and lab services. With decades of experience, the Urban STP Plant is a reputable choice for large STP projects in Delhi.

4- Compact STP Plants

In fourth place, Compact STP Plants offers a compact MBBR sewage treatment solution called Compact STP Plants. This simple, modular system is well-suited for small to medium-scale STPs.

Compact STP Plants come in plug-and-play modular tanks that enable quick installation. Krone’s unique media provides a large protected surface area for biomass growth and effective treatment. With no mechanical aeration required, Compact STP Plants reduce energy usage by 40–60%.

Beyond plant construction, Krone provides maintenance contracts for assured performance. For clients needing an easy-to-install, compact STP, the Compact STP Plants KROFT system is an optimal choice.

5- Water Treatment Plant

Finally, ranking number five is the Water Treatment Plant, which provides conventional activated sludge STPs for mid- to large-scale treatment capacities.

The Water Treatment Plant is recognized for their in-depth project execution capabilities. Their expertise covers detailed engineering design, procurement, installation, and commissioning. Their systems consistently meet discharge standards through optimized plant design and efficient treatment processes.

Beyond plant installation, the Water Treatment Plant assists clients with operations training, lab setup, as well as maintenance and performance monitoring services. With a track record of successful larger STPs, Water Treatment Plant is a trusted provider in Delhi.


As Delhi works to expand its sewage treatment infrastructure, choosing the right STP plant manufacturer is crucial. The top 5 sewage treatment plant manufacturers in Delhi are highlighted here to showcase the range of proven technologies and capabilities available in India. From compact modular systems to large-scale treatment plants, these companies have demonstrated their expertise in providing reliable, customized sewage treatment plants for Delhi’s needs. With its unique experience and innovative technologies, Netsol Water stands out as the most capable of cost-effectively tackling Delhi’s sewage treatment challenges at scale.

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