Top 5 commercial RO Plant Manufacturers in Ghaziabad

February 8, 2024by Netsol Water

Top 5 Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers in Ghaziabad

Water scarcity is a major issue affecting many parts of India today, including the city of Ghaziabad in the state of Uttar Pradesh. With rising populations and increasing industrialization, the demand for clean and safe drinking water has gone up considerably. At the same time, groundwater levels are falling rapidly due to over-extraction. This has led to a need for alternative water sources like reverse osmosis (RO) based purification systems. the top 5 commercial reverse osmosis (RO) plant manufacturers in Ghaziabad.

What are commercial RO plants, and why are they needed in Ghaziabad?

RO or Reverse Osmosis is a technology used to remove impurities from water by pushing it under high pressure through a semi-permeable membrane. This membrane has microscopic pores that are large enough for water molecules to pass through while blocking larger particles like salts, bacteria, and chemicals. The result is purified water on one side and a concentrated brine solution on the other side.

Commercial RO systems are large-scale industrial units designed to generate purified water for commercial purposes. In Ghaziabad, the need for such systems has arisen due to the high total dissolved solids (TDS) levels in groundwater as well as surface water from rivers and lakes. TDS includes salts, minerals, and metals like arsenic, fluoride, iron, etc which can be hazardous for human consumption. RO can effectively remove these impurities and make the water safe to drink.

Some of the major applications of commercial RO plants in Ghaziabad include:

1- Providing drinking water to offices, hospitals, hotels, educational institutes etc. This clean and safe water helps improve health and reduces water-borne diseases.

2- Treating effluents from industries like textiles, tanneries, and oil refineries before discharging into water bodies. This helps reduce the pollution of rivers and streams.

3- Meeting process water requirements for pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and other industries where high-purity water is needed.

4- Pre-treatment of water for large residential complexes like townships and apartment buildings.

5- Softening hard water for use in boilers, cooling towers and other equipment to prevent scale formation.

Thus, commercial RO systems play a vital role in supplying safe and clean water as well as treating industrial wastewater in a city like Ghaziabad. Their demand is continuously rising given the growing population and rapid industrialization.

Top 5 commercial  reverse osmosis (RO) plant manufacturers in Ghaziabad

  1. Netsol Water

Netsol Water is one of the leading commercial RO plant manufacturers in Ghaziabad. The company provides customized RO solutions with different capacities. Netsol Water uses advanced technologies like membrane bioreactors and takes into account specific water quality parameters like TDS, hardness, iron content, etc for each location while designing the RO system. The company has executed over a thousand projects across India supplying safe, purified water to industries, institutions, and townships. Netsol also undertakes Operations & Maintenance contracts for hassle-free upkeep of RO plants.

  1. Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage Treatment Plants is an Indian water treatment company founded in 2012. It manufactures a wide range of commercial RO systems catering to industries, infrastructure projects, and municipalities. The company uses cutting-edge technologies like electro-deionization and provides comprehensive solutions including plant design, installation, operations, and performance optimization. With over a thousand installations, Sewage Treatment Plants is one of the most trusted brands in water purification.

  1. Urban RO Plant

Urban RO Plant is a leading energy and environment engineering company. The company offers fully automatic commercial RO plants with varied capacities. Urban RO Plant’s offerings include membrane-based desalination, effluent treatment, sewage treatment, and recycling plants. It also provides performance audit, maintenance, and operations support for RO installations. Urban RO Plant caters to diverse sectors like power, steel, oil & gas, and pharma among others.

  1. Commercial RO Plant

Commercial RO Plant is an ISO-certified company providing turnkey solutions for commercial RO plants. It employs technologies like ultrafiltration and softening to deal with challenging raw water quality. Bilion’s clients include industrial units, hotels, hospitals, and housing societies in Ghaziabad and nearby regions. The company also offers AMC services for RO plants with free maintenance kits.

  1. Commercial RO Plant Manufacturer

Commercial RO Plant Manufacturer is a well-known consumer appliance brand. Their water purification division manufactures modular commercial RO systems to deliver clean and safe drinking water. Advanced features like remote monitoring, self-cleaning, and automated backwashing help minimize maintenance. Commercial RO Plant Manufacturer offers 24×7 support and has service centers in all major cities. The company caters to both industrial clients as well as residential complexes, malls, and offices.


Water scarcity and rising health hazards due to contaminated water are major concerns in urban India today. Reverse osmosis has emerged as an effective and widely used technology to treat water and make it safe for human consumption. In Ghaziabad, commercial RO systems are being deployed on a large scale by various reputed companies like Netsol Water, Sewage Treatment Plants, Urban RO Plant, Commercial RO Plant, and Commercial RO Plant Manufacturer. These systems help provide clean drinking water as well as treat industrial effluents. With capacities ranging from 100 liters/hour to million liters/day, commercial RO plants in Ghaziabad are fulfilling the needs of a wide range of users from industries to residential apartments. Proper maintenance and operations support provided by manufacturers ensures their smooth functioning. Going forward, Ghaziabad will continue to witness strong demand for commercial RO systems given the rising population, rapid urbanization, and industrial growth.

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