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December 28, 2020

100% of the wastewater, greywater, and sewage is recycled using the Advanced Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) from Netsol Water, India. The treated water is employed for flushing and gardening resulting in enormous water savings. The system operates fully automated and requires very low periodic maintenance also. The kitchen water is skilled a grease trap and an anaerobic digester – to scale back the oil, fats, and grease getting into the SBR. The treated water from the SBR is filtered employing a pressure sand filter and an activated charcoal filter and at the delivery point, it passes through the UV filter also to scale back the suspended impurities and control the microbial growth.

Samples of Treated waste water by netsol -9650608473

The recycled water which features a high level of micro-nutrients is extremely good for gardening and caters to the entire gardening and flushing needs of the power.

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