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July 12, 2022

There are several operating costs involved with the operation and treatment of wastewater. Operating costs are the charges related to the conservation, performing and covering of the factory. And, these costs can add up to 50 of the total periodic costs. It’s important to estimate the affiliated operating costs before getting a wastewater treatment factory. Then, we’ve calculated an approximate division of expenditure for your better understanding.

What are the different kind of operating costs involved in wastewater treatment?

Major factors that affect operation costs are

  1. Size and capacity of the factory
  2. Topography and geographical position of the factory
  3. Characteristics of the wastewater generated
  4. Technologies and the kind of treatment system
  5. system of disposal used
  6. Force of energy
  7. Degree of robotization
  8. Organisation and conservation of the factory


The pool at the factory is one of the major factors that have a major influence on the operating costs. And, the number of working staff employed at the factory depends on the following

  1. The scale of the factory
  2. The treatment procedure and systems
  3. The degree of robotization
  4. The effectiveness of the labor force


The costs for energy cover nearly 10- 30 of the total operating costs. The following are the areas where energy gets consumed in a wastewater treatment factory and adds up to the total costs

  1. Pumping Stations
  2. defenses
  3. Aerated Beach Traps
  4. Primary Sedimentation Tanks
  5. Aeration Tanks
  6. Secondary Sedimentation Tanks
  7. Thickener
  8. Sludge Dewatering bias
  9. Digestion

Disposal is an important aspect when calculating the operating costs. It includes the costs involved in the disposal of sewage sludge, wireworks, beach and external waste.
These costs can differ between 15 and 50 of the total operating costs. Generally, they largely depend on

The size of the STP Plant

  1. National regulations for the disposal of organic accoutrements like sewage sludge, etc.
  2. Original conditions and request price conditions
  3. Chemicals and Accoutrements Used
  4. Chemicals and accoutrements take up to 5- 7 of the total operating costs. Their costs substantially depend on
  5. The characteristics of the wastewater and its discharge
  6. The named chemicals
  7. Amounts kept in stock and copping deals
  8. The request situation and the price structure of the chemicals

* Approximate Data

Eclectic costs are the costs which largely depend on the type of wastewater treatment factory and can range between 5 and 15 of the total operating costs. These are

  1. Pollution Charges
  2. executive costs like insurances, office outfit etc.
  3. Rents and vacancies
  4. External costs for consultations, conservation workshop, laboratory analysis, etc.

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