Submerged Aeration Fixed Film Technology

June 1, 2024by Netsol Water

In today’s world, effective wastewater treatment has become a necessity. Conventional wastewater treatment methods often face challenges in meeting stringent effluent standards and efficiently removing organic pollutants. This is where submerged aeration fixed film technology (SAFF) emerges as a game-changer, providing an innovative and efficient solution for wastewater treatment. We will provide insight into the intricacies of SAFF technology, its advantages, and its application in Netsol Water’s sewage treatment plants (STPs). Let’s begin!

Understanding Submerged Aeration Fixed Film Technology

Submerged aeration fixed film technology is a biological wastewater treatment process that combines the principles of attached growth and suspended growth systems. It utilizes a unique configuration where microorganisms grow on a fixed media submerged in the aeration tank. This fixed medium provides a high surface area for the microorganisms to attach and form a biofilm.

The process involves introducing wastewater and air into the aeration tank, where the fixed media is submerged. The air supply provides oxygen for the microorganisms to break down organic matter present in the wastewater. As the wastewater flows through the fixed media, the biofilm on the media surfaces consumes the organic pollutants, effectively treating the wastewater.

Advantages of Submerged Aeration Fixed Film Technology

  1. High Treatment Efficiency: SAFF technology offers superior treatment efficiency compared to conventional activated sludge processes. The fixed media provides a large surface area for microorganism growth, resulting in a higher biomass concentration and enhanced organic matter removal.
  2. Compact Footprint: The high biomass concentration in SAFF systems allows for a smaller footprint, making it an ideal choice for areas with limited space or retrofit applications.
  3. Energy Efficiency: SAFF technology requires less aeration energy compared to conventional activated sludge systems, leading to reduced operational costs and a lower carbon footprint.
  4. Resilience to Shock Loads: The attached growth nature of SAFF systems makes them more resistant to shock loads and variations in influent quality, ensuring consistent treatment performance.
  5. Lower Sludge Production: SAFF systems generate less excess sludge compared to suspended growth processes, reducing the costs associated with sludge handling and disposal.

Netsol Water’s Submerged Aeration Fixed Film Technology

Netsol Water, a leading manufacturer and supplier of wastewater treatment plants, has successfully implemented submerged aeration fixed film technology in their sewage treatment plants. Their SAFF systems are designed to meet the highest standards of treatment efficiency while ensuring sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Netsol Water’s SAFF systems feature a unique combination of fixed media and aeration systems that optimize the treatment process. The fixed media is carefully selected and engineered to provide an optimal surface area for microorganism growth, ensuring efficient organic matter removal.

The aeration system in Netsol Water’s SAFF plants is designed to provide the necessary oxygen supply while minimizing energy consumption. This is achieved through the use of advanced aeration technologies, such as fine bubble diffusers or jet aerators, which ensure efficient oxygen transfer and minimize energy losses.

Additionally, Netsol Water’s SAFF systems incorporate advanced monitoring and control systems that continuously monitor and adjust the treatment process parameters, ensuring optimal performance and compliance with effluent standards.

Applications of Submerged Aeration Fixed Film Technology

Submerged aeration fixed film technology has found widespread applications in various industries and sectors, including:

  1. Municipal Wastewater Treatment: SAFF technology is widely used in municipal wastewater treatment plants for the effective removal of organic pollutants and suspended solids from domestic and industrial wastewater.
  2. Industrial Wastewater Treatment: Industries such as food and beverage, textile, and pharmaceutical sectors utilize SAFF systems to treat their high-strength wastewater, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.
  3. Aquaculture: SAFF technology is also employed in aquaculture facilities to treat and recirculate water, maintaining optimal water quality and minimizing the environmental impact of aquaculture operations.
  4. Decentralized Treatment Systems: SAFF systems are suitable for decentralized wastewater treatment applications, such as small communities, resorts, or remote locations, where conventional centralized treatment facilities are not feasible or cost-effective.

Operation and Maintenance Considerations

While submerged aeration fixed film technology offers numerous advantages, proper operation and maintenance are important for ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the system. Regular monitoring and adjustment of process parameters, such as dissolved oxygen levels, pH, and nutrient levels, are essential for maintaining efficient treatment.

Additionally, periodic cleaning and maintenance of the fixed media are necessary to prevent excessive biofilm accumulation, which can lead to clogging and reduced treatment efficiency. Skilled operators and comprehensive maintenance protocols play a vital role in maximizing the benefits of SAFF technology.


Submerged aeration fixed film technology has emerged as a revolutionary solution for wastewater treatment, offering superior treatment efficiency, energy savings, and a compact footprint. Netsol Water’s implementation of SAFF technology in their sewage treatment plants exemplifies the company’s commitment to providing sustainable and cost-effective wastewater treatment solutions. By embracing innovative solutions and prioritizing sustainability, we can pave the way for a cleaner and more environmentally conscious future.

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