Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Delhi

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Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Delhi

Sewage Plants treat the wastewater and sludge for reusability or before it discharges into nature. Let’s Understand how and in how many steps involved in stp plant?

We are Greater Noida-based one of the leading and #No-1 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Delhi. We have every kind of waste and wastewater treatment solution and machines, ( like STP Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant, and Garage Waste Converter Machine) in Delhi-NCR. Sewage Treatment helps to treat wastewater and sludge generated from the individual house, apartments, commercial buildings, city, schools, hotels, hostels, farmhouses, etc.

1- Sewage Treatment Plant – Primary Treatment

The sewage water generated from any residential colony, Hotels, corporate offices are going to be collected within the sewage collection cum pumping sump after flowing through the screen Chamber & oil & grease tank to remove floating matter like paper, plastic, oil & grease, etc. the gathering sump helps to possess a uniform flow of sewage for the STP plant. Collection sump is going to be kept aerated by coarse air diffusers to avoid foul smell. The sewage is pumped to Inlet Chamber given Fine bar screen for removal of fine suspended solids from there it’s passed on to Grit channel for removal of grit within the wastewater thus increasing the efficiency of MBBR reactor. Overflow of Grit channel by gravity goes to MBBR reactor.

2- Sewage Treatment Plant – Secondary Biological Treatment

In the MBBR reactor, plastic media are provided for the attachment of bacteria. This media having a high void age ratio of quite 98% & a high area of 400 m2/m3 which increases more contact time of bacteria to organic matter i.e. BOD. The bacteria oxidize the organic interest CO2& H2O by the aeration principle. Inside the reactor, Fine bubble membrane diffusers will provide mixing and oxygen for bacteria. In the MBBR reactor, dissolved oxygen levels are going to be maintained at 2 mg/lt. Twin-Lobe Blowers are provided for aeration. The biological system has got to be operated continuously 24 hours and thereby constant feed of sewage water is required.

The secondary clarifier/tube settler, which designed at a low overflow rate, is provided after the MBBR reactor to enable the separation of solids. A steep slope is provided within the secondary settling tank to eliminate the necessity of a scrapper mechanism. a neighborhood of the sludge is recirculated to the MBBR reactor so as to take care of MLSS levels and a neighborhood is drained to the sludge drying beds. Bacterial Culture is going to be added into the MBBR reactor to offer the benefits as mentioned within the salient points of our offer. If you’re unable to know or handle the method contact the sewage treatment plant manufacturers and suppliers.

Excess sludge must be dewatered and dried for straightforward disposal. The sludge from the tube settler is collected in sludge drying beds. Dewatered sludge will get dried by the natural heat of the daylight. The sludge is going to be used as manure.

The Clarifier water collected from the gathering launder of the tube settler is then passed to the Chlorine contact tank. during this tank, an attempt of chlorine dosing is given for disinfection.

3- Tertiary Treatment

The sewage water is going to be further skilled tertiary treatment comprising of filtration with Dual Media Filter for removal of micro-suspensions, color, and odor. The treated sewage water will discharge to irrigation.

Environment and its legislation concern increase during the time, the wastewater is compulsory to eliminate continuously; meet the discharge standards and environment hazards.
We provide complete solutions for sewage treatment plant which incorporates biological, physical and chemical treatment which are supported latest technologies. Our plant design offers minimum waste generation, low-cost operation, minimum footprint area, and eliminate water to the govt. specified standards.

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) Technologies:

  1. MBR (Membrane Bio-Reactor)
  2. MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor)
  3. E.A. (Extended Aeration)
  4. SAFF (Submerged Aeration Fixed Film)
  5. SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor)
  6. CASP (Conventional Activated Sludge Process)

Modular/Prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plant:

We are engaged in designing a supreme range of Modular/Prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plants. The modular construction (for noiseless & odorless working) allows the rise of the processing capacity by placing more plants in parallel. All the equipment and control instruments of the plant are placed inside an anti-vandal cabinet. These are often installed during a single day, are easily transportable, customizable, and versatile in working.

Starting from packaged plants, our range is little stp to Large Size Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) for Residential, Townships, Commercial, Industrial, Hotel, Hospitals, Education Institutions, IT Parks, Farmhouse, Villas, etc.

STP Features:

Treated water is often used for gardening, flushing, irrigation, construction, and lots of more non-potable uses
Environmentally safe to dispose of treated sewage water inland or water.

  1. The low footprint is a requirement
  2. Overall organic & inorganic reduction (BOD & COD)
  3. No sewer odor issues even during the treatment process
  4. Suitable albeit there’s the uneven supply of sewage water
  5. Can achieve zero discharge
  6. Long service life
  7. Custom design/application-specific systems
  8. Regulatory complaint
  9. Low & easy maintenance
  10. User friendly
  11. Unit is definitely transported to the customer’s project site
  12. Pre-engineered, pre-fabricated structures end in lower cost
  13. Effective aerobic operational principal
  14. The design allows for a quick turnaround for delivery and installation

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