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February 6, 2024

Top 10 Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Faridabad

Faridabad, located in the state of Haryana, is one of India’s most industrialized cities. With rapid urbanization and industrialization comes the need for proper sewage treatment to protect public health and the environment. Faridabad has many manufacturers that design, build, and maintain sewage treatment plants across the city and state. In this article, we will look at the top 10 sewage treatment plant manufacturers in Faridabad.

Top 10 STP Plant Manufacturers in Faridabad

  1. Netsol Water

Ranking at number one is Netsol Water, a leading company in leading STP and ETP Plant Manufacturer in Faridabad. Established in 2012, Netsol Water has extensive experience and expertise in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. They employ the latest technologies and environmentally friendly processes in their treatment plants. Netsol Water constructs both packaged compact plants and larger capacity plants with capacities ranging from very small to very large. Their plants incorporate features like a minimal footprint, quick installation, low operating costs, and maximum automation. Netsol Water also provides operations and maintenance services for their plants. Their commitment to quality and sustainability makes them a top choice for sewage treatment in Faridabad.

2. Sewage Treatment Plants

In second place is Sewage Treatment Plants, which has been operating for over one and a half decades across India. They provide end-to-end solutions for sewage and effluent treatment, from design to installation to operations. Sewage Treatment Plants utilize advanced technologies like MBBR, SBR, and tertiary treatment to ensure maximum treatment efficiency. Their plants are specially engineered to handle fluctuating hydraulic and organic loads. Key features of Sewage Treatment Plants include compact design, ease of operation, low power consumption, and minimal maintenance. The company also emphasizes waste minimization, water recovery, and reuse.

3. Compact STP Plant

Ranking third is Compact STP Plant, a pioneering company in wastewater treatment technology. They have executed several hundred sewage and effluent treatment projects across India. The Compact STP Plant offers both conventional and advanced treatment solutions for both large and small applications by utilizing technologies like the activated sludge process, sequential batch reactors, and membrane bioreactors. They also undertake the rehabilitation of old and underperforming STPs. The Compact STP Plant provides comprehensive O&M services to ensure optimal plant performance and efficiency. The company is known for its technical expertise and customized solutions.

4. Urban STP Plant

In fourth place is Urban STP Plant, which has been serving both government and private sector clients since 2018. They are specialists in designing, building, upgrading, and operating sewage treatment plants of all capacities. Urban STP Plant utilize conventional, advanced, and tertiary-level technologies for complete wastewater treatment. Their plants incorporate features like a compact footprint, a short installation time, and round-the-clock operations. The company emphasizes resource optimization, waste minimization, and water reuse. The Urban STP Plant also undertakes the upgrade of existing treatment facilities.

5. Water Treatment Plant

Ranking fifth is the Water Treatment Plant, a leading Indian corporation specializing in water and wastewater treatment. They have planned, designed, and executed multiple sewage treatment plants across the country. Water Treatment Plant offers both conventional and advanced treatment technologies like extended aeration, SBR, MBBR systems, tertiary treatment, etc. Key features of their plants include minimal land use, low power consumption, easy O&M, and complete automation. The company has in-house design, engineering, and R&D capabilities. Water Treatment Plant also undertakes O&M of sewage treatment plants. Their solutions are cost-effective and help conserve water resources.

6. Ion Exchange

In sixth place is Ion Exchange, a pioneering environmental solutions provider since the 1960s. They are considered leaders in the design, engineering, procurement, construction, operations, and maintenance of effluent and sewage treatment plants. Ion Exchange offers conventional, advanced, tertiary, and zero liquid discharge technologies tailored to specific requirements. Their plants emphasize resource optimization, waste volume reduction, and water recovery. Ion Exchange also undertakes the upgrade of old and underperforming STPs. Their technical expertise helps provide efficient and sustainable solutions.

7. VA Tech Wabag

Ranking seventh is VA Tech Wabag, one of the world’s leading companies in water management with over two and a half decades of experience in India. They specialize in designing, building, upgrading, operating, and maintaining sewage treatment plants of various capacities. Wabag utilizes conventional, advanced, and tertiary treatment technologies, including MBBR, MBR, SBR, activated sludge process, tertiary filtration, and disinfection. Their STPs feature minimal land use, process automation, energy efficiency, and minimal manpower requirements. Wabag also provides comprehensive O&M services for sustainable operations.

8. Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.

In eighth place is Jain Irrigation Systems Limited, a multinational company with expertise in providing tailored solutions for wastewater recycling and reuse. They manufacture conventional, advanced, and tertiary treatment plants with capacities ranging from very small to very large. Key features of their plants include compact design, short installation time, user-friendly operations, energy efficiency, and automation. Their technical expertise helps provide treated effluent suitable for reuse in industry, agriculture, or landscaping. Jain Irrigation also offers comprehensive plant operations and maintenance services.

9. Ecoloop Water Ltd.

Ranking ninth is Ecoloop Water Ltd., a company providing specialized water, wastewater treatment, and recycling solutions. They offer both compact modular STPs and large-capacity STPs based on conventional, MBR, SBR, MBBR, and other technologies. Ecoloop provides comprehensive design, engineering, procurement, construction, installation, testing, and commissioning services. Their treatment plants emphasize minimal footprint, quick installation, ease of operations, and low maintenance. The company also undertakes the rehabilitation and upgradation of old STPs.

10. Clearflow Water Systems

And finally, the ranking tenth is Clearflow Water Systems, which provides turnkey solutions for sewage and effluent treatment for both municipal and industrial applications. They offer conventional, advanced, and tertiary treatment technologies tailored to clients’ requirements. Clearflow emphasizes safe, reliable, energy-efficient, and easy-to-operate systems with minimal manual intervention. Their plants feature a small footprint and quick installation. Clearflow also undertakes the rehabilitation and upgrading of existing STPs. Their specialized expertise in water management provides efficient solutions.


With increasing urbanization and industrialization, sewage treatment is a critical requirement for Faridabad. Many established companies are providing customized sewage treatment plants and solutions while emphasizing efficiency, sustainability, reuse, and resource optimization.The top 10 sewage treatment plant manufacturers in Faridabad, Netsol Water lead the top manufacturers in Faridabad by providing cutting-edge treatment solutions tailored to specific needs. The expertise and experience of these manufacturers will be crucial for Faridabad’s future sewage treatment needs. Proper wastewater management by reputed companies like these will help protect public health while also conserving water resources.

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