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February 5, 2024

Top 3 Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers in Gurugram

As groundwater levels deplete and contamination rises globally, access to clean drinking water is more imperative than ever before. Reverse Osmosis, or RO-based purification, has emerged among the most reliable and cost-effective technologies for water treatment today. Several residential and commercial establishments across metropolises like Gurugram are increasingly pivoting to advanced commercial RO plants for daily requirements.

We look at the top 3 commercial Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant manufacturers in Gurugram, fulfilling varied water treatment needs.

1: Netsol Water: Netsol Water is ranked as the #1 commercial RO company headquartered in Noida and serves in Gurugram. Over the past 15+ years, the firm has carved a niche, successfully executing over 3000 water treatment projects across corporate offices, apartment complexes, retail spaces, etc.

Netsol Water has a specialized in-house projects team comprising water technologists, instrumentation experts, quality analysts, etc., who effectively handle end-to-end execution, from concept design to installation and ongoing operations support for clients’ commercial RO plants in the Gurugram region.

Range of Offerings: Netsol Water provides fully automated RO water treatment solutions ranging from compact under-bench RO purifiers of 500 liters per hour to large-capacity containerized water treatment plants of 1 million liters customized to clients’ daily requirements. Their cutting-edge technology ensures minimal waste and reduced energy consumption, translating to lower operating costs for clients.

Value-Added Services

  • Annual maintenance contracts
  • Water quality audits
  • Membrane cleaning/replacements
  • Operations & management

2: Sewage Treatment Plants: Established in 2018, Sewage Treatment Plants brings together rich global expertise in the design, engineering, and supply of advanced water and wastewater treatment plants using RO, ultrafiltration, and tertiary treatment technologies.

Within 3 years, Sewage Treatment Plants has become Gurugram’s leading player, providing decentralized commercial RO plants with a capacity between 100,000 and 500,000 liters per day. Having partnered with several leading global technology providers, Sewage Treatment Plants offers high-recovery, energy-efficient commercial RO plants customized to client requirements.

Offerings and Capabilities:

  • Containerized plug-n-play treatment plants
  • Sewage/Effluent Recycling units
  • Ultrafiltration pre- and post-treatment systems
  • Pilot testing facilities are available

Value-Added Offerings: Osmosis provides complete operations & management services upon commissioning, leveraging in-house water technologists to maximize plant uptime. They have incorporated IoT-enabled remote system performance monitoring for clients for enhanced transparency.

3: Commercial RO Plants: Founded in 2019 with headquarters in Noida, Commercial RO Plants provides specialized RO-based water treatment solutions to commercial establishments like hotels, hospitals, schools, offices, etc., in the Delhi-NCR region.

Commercial RO Plants has hands-on experience in commissioning compact, under-counter, super-efficient RO systems and large containerized water treatment plants for community-level requirements. Using in-house R&D, the firm has engineered innovations like integrated pump-less solar-powered RO kiosks and mobile water dispensing stations catering to urban regions.

Range of Offerings:

  • Under-bench RO water purifiers
  • Rooftop solar-powered RO water kiosks
  • IoT-enabled containerized treatment plants

Service Capabilities:

  • Annual Maintenance contracts
  • Water quality testing
  • Operator & maintenance training
  • Performance audit checks


Safe drinking water supply via effective treatment technologies is imperative for commercial establishments and residential complexes today. Gurugram has a specialized cluster of pioneering commercial RO companies like Netsol Water, Sewage Treatment Plants, and Commercial RO Plants at the forefront, providing innovative, efficient water treatment plants. With increasing urbanization and pollution levels, demand for advanced commercial water purification solutions will continue to rise exponentially.

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