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February 7, 2024

Commercial RO Plant Manufacturer in Faridabad

Water contamination is a grave concern for commercial establishments in cities like Faridabad, which is seeing rapid industrialization and population growth. To address clean drinking water needs, offices, hospitals, guest houses, etc., are increasing the adoption of reverse osmosis (RO)-based water purification systems. With rising demand in the Faridabad region, many water treatment companies have set up bases to provide customized commercial RO systems. A reputed commercial Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant manufacturer in Faridabad with a solid venture is Netsol Water.

About Netsol Water

Headquartered in Greater Noida, Netsol Water specializes in the fabrication of water treatment plants, including industrial and commercial RO plants. Netsol expanded its manufacturing facilities to Faridabad with a 50000 sq ft state-of-the-art infrastructure producing a high-quality commercial RO plant. By investing in the latest tools like laser cutting, bending, and TIG welding machines, Netsol ensures stringent in-house quality control. The company undertakes end-to-end delivery from design, production, and installation to after-sales support for its clients across the hospitality, healthcare, real estate, and retail sectors.

Product Portfolio

Netsol Water offers technologically advanced and fully automatic commercial RO water purification systems to handle capacities ranging from a few hundred to several lakhs of liters per day.

For small-scale requirements between 50 and 1000 liters per hour (LPH), Netsol Water provides a series of RO plants for medium-scale needs of 1000 to 10000 LPH. For companies, community clusters, etc., requiring very large-scale treatment of 10,000 to 1 lakh LPH, Netsol Water offers industrial-grade plants.

Salient Features:

  1. Double-purification technology using a staged RO process
  2. Automated operations with minimal manual intervention
  3. Superior-quality components like membranes and Grundfos pumps
  4. Inlet water sensors to optimize water quality and lower TDS
  5. Mineral dosing to re-mineralize the purified water
  6. Pre-treatment using multi-grade filtration methods
  7. Stainless steel construction for durable, anti-corrosive life
  8. High recovery of up to 60% and rejection rate of 99% TDS
  9. Low power consumption and operation costs

Project Management Services

Netsol Water undertakes comprehensive project solutions from:

  1. Site survey based on client-specific needs
  2. Water analysis
  3. Designing customized commercial RO configuration
  4. Procurement of world-class machine components
  5. Installation and commissioning
  6. Trial runs before handover
  7. Annual Maintenance Contracts

Owing to its investments in capacities and capabilities to handle end-to-end delivery of commercial RO plants in Faridabad, Netsol Water Solutions is well-positioned to dominate this space.

Prompt After-Sales Services

Being locally available to clients in the Faridabad region is pivotal for timely service and support. Netsol Water has invested in building a robust service team, including qualified engineers, technicians, and quality supervisors, to meet post-installation requirements.

The critical after-sales services offered are:

  • Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) for regular servicing, preventive maintenance, and emergency breakdown assistance
  • Periodic inspection of RO plant health, membrane, and filter condition
  • Online and offline troubleshooting mechanisms 24×7
  • Supply of genuine spare parts and consumables
  • Membrane cleaning and replacements
  • Software upgrades, automation optimization, etc
  • Water quality testing and palatability feedback
  • Assistance with operational issues like pressure flow rates, leakage, etc
  • Toll-free customer care number for prompt redressal
  • Customer training for basic upkeep and management


As Faridabad grapples with unchecked groundwater exploitation and the threat of waterborne diseases, commercial RO water treatment systems are pitching in to alleviate these problems ecologically. Specialized companies like Netsol Water Solutions enable industrial units, realty developers, civic agencies, and commercial complex administrators to adopt intelligent and sustainable water solutions. By providing advanced RO technology tailored to consumption patterns and site conditions, Netsol unlocks the potential for recycling, reusing, and conserving water resources in the Faridabad region. Their continued innovation and responsible business practices reiterate their vision of a cleaner, greener world.

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February 6, 2024

Commercial RO Plant Manufacturer in Delhi

With rapid urbanization and industrialization, finding clean drinking water has become an ordeal for Delhi’s booming population. Groundwater levels are depleting, while reckless discharge of industrial pollutants has increased toxicity beyond acceptable limits. This has necessitated widespread reliance on water purification and incredible reverse osmosis (RO) technology. Many Commercial Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant Manufacturer in Delhi have mushroomed across the Delhi NCR region due to the burgeoning demand. One company making rapid inroads based on cutting-edge products is Netsol Water.

About Netsol Water Systems

Netsol Water set up its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility spread over 52,000 sq ft in Delhi’s industrial zone. The plant houses advanced, fully automated production lines from Germany capable of building over 100 commercial RO systems. By infusing German engineering with American filtration expertise, Netsol Water has emerged among Delhi’s top five commercial RO companies within a few years. It caters extensively to institutional segments like malls, hotels, hospitals, gated communities, schools, and corporate campuses.

Superior Filtration Technology

Netsol Water deploys high-rejection spiral wound membranes. The innovative membrane technology, coupled with a fully integrated filtration architecture, removes the minutest of contaminants. Salient benefits include:

  • Multi-stage pre-treatment using sediment, carbon, and micron filters
  • Fine particle removal through Ultrafiltration
  • Automated periodic backwash and forward flush
  • Stainless steel parts ensure durability
  • Recovers up to 30% water using energy optimization modules
  • Programmable operations minimize manual intervention
  • Effluent water exceeds global safety parameters

Array of Products

Netsol Water uses precision engineering to customize commercial RO plants based on customer requirements. Salient products include:

  • Counter Top RO: Compact design for offices, clinics etc
  • Wall Mounted: Mid-sized for schools, shops
  • Mobile Water Treatment: For outdoor emergency usage
  • Containerized RO: Skid mounted, easy to transport
  • Open Well Submersible: For direct groundwater filtration

The capacities range from 100 liters per hour to 1 million liters per day. Customers can select automated or manual operations alongside value-added accessories.

After-Sales Support

Being customer-centric, Netsol Water provides comprehensive after-sales services like:

  • Annual maintenance contracts
  • Prompt attendance through nationwide call centers
  • Module/filter replacements
  • Membrane cleaning and parts refurbishing
  • Technical troubleshooting for performance issues
  • Free servicing reminders to clients

Market Growth Strategies

Buoyed by robust demand, Netsol is expanding heavily across Delhi, NCR by:

  • Setting up smaller assembly hubs in Gurgaon and Noida
  • Increasing dealer network reach in Tier-2 cities
  • Launching retail RO water purifiers for the household segment
  • Offering RO plant operations and maintenance outsourcing
  • Exploring overseas exports

Netsol Water will become Delhi’s leading commercial RO plant manufacturer within the next few years through increased manufacturing capacities, a more comprehensive product portfolio, and global quality benchmarks.

Trends Driving Commercial RO Plant Demand in Delhi

Several factors have led to immense growth in demand for commercial RO water purification systems across the Delhi region:

1. Rapid Urbanization: The influx of migrants into Delhi NCR from neighboring towns and villages has put enormous pressure on civic infrastructure, including potable water availability

2. Toxicity in Water Bodies: Effluents discharged from industries have heavily contaminated groundwater reserves as healthy surface water resources like the Yamuna River

3. Inadequate Water Access: Many unauthorized colonies, urban slums, and villages situated on Delhi peripheries have limited piped water supply, forcing reliance on other unsafe, contaminated sources.

4. Growing Health Awareness: Rising cases of water-borne diseases from E. coli, diarrhea, jaundice, etc., have made people conscious of clean water consumption.

5. Supportive Government Policies: – Delhi Jal Board’s targeted interventions like water ATMs, commercial RO stations, door-to-door delivery, and awareness drives have expanded penetration.

6. Prevalence of RO Technology: Wider affordability, modular capacities, and minimal operation complexity have enabled increased adoption of RO amongst institutional buyers.


With its relentless focus on innovation in filtration technologies and unmatched customer service ethic, Netsol Water has already achieved notable success in Delhi’s water purification industry. By supplying eco-friendly commercial RO plant manufacturer in Delhi across the national capital region and beyond, the company continues to contribute enormously towards providing clean, safe drinking water for millions as part of its growth story.

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