Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers in Noida

May 6, 2024by Netsol Water

A commercial RO plant is a water purification system. It removes dissolved solids from water. This produces highly purified water for industrial & commercial use. Here are a few commercial RO plant manufacturers in Noida.

How Does a Commercial RO Plant Work?

The RO process works by pushing water through semi-permeable membranes.

First, the feed water enters the pretreatment stage. Here, chlorine, particles and hardness are removed.

Next is the RO membrane stage. The pretreated water is pushed through spiral-wound membranes at high pressure. Up to 99% of dissolved solids are rejected.

The purified permeate stream exits as product water. The concentrated reject stream goes to drain.

Post-treatment follows, like remineralization if needed. The treated water is then stored for Commercial use.

Need for Commercial RO Plant

Many industries require pure water in their processes. This includes pharmaceuticals, food/beverage, power, electronics, and more.

Municipal water often contains dissolved solids, hardness and other contaminants. This can damage equipment and spoil products.

Commercial RO plant provides a reliable way to purify water on-site. This ensures a consistent supply of high-quality process water.

As Commercial demand grows, so does the need for RO systems. This creates opportunities for Commercial RO plant manufacturers.

Features to Look For When Evaluating Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers

  • Expertise – Manufacturers should deeply understand water treatment and Commercial processes.
  • Customization – They can design RO systems tailored to your water quality and flow rate needs.
  • Quality Components – Using proven membranes, pumps, instrumentation from trusted brands.
  • Pretreatment – Offering clarifiers, multimedia filters, water softeners as needed.
  • Automation – PLC controls, instrumentation for automatic, unmanned operation.
  • Service – Preventive maintenance, membranes replacement, emergency support.

Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers in Noida

  1. NetsolWater

Netsol Water is a leading Commercial RO plant manufacturer in Noida. Founded in 2012, they design and manufacture complete water and wastewater treatment solutions.

Their Commercial RO plants use premium membranes. The systems are skid-mounted, and automated with PLC/SCADA. Pretreatment and post-treatment are integrated as needed.

Netsol Water offers a full range of RO systems from 1,000 LPH to over 1 million LPH flow rates. They customize each RO plant for the client’s specific feed water conditions and application needs.

Their clients span industries like pharmaceuticals, auto, textile, power, chemicals and more.

Netsol Water also offers service and AMC support for their RO plants. This includes membrane replacement, troubleshooting and repairs.

  1. Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage Treatment Plants is another major commercial RO plant manufacturer and supplier based in Noida. They supply RO/DM plants to the pharmaceutical, power and semiconductor sectors.

Sewage Treatment Plants RO systems use spiral-wound membranes. Models range from small systems to multi-million LPH plants. Their RO units can remove up to 99% of dissolved solids.

The company offers pre-engineered and custom-engineered RO systems. Pre-engineered models are designed for standard applications and lower flows. Custom systems are tailored for higher flows and specific project needs.

Sewage Treatment Plants also manufactures ultrafiltration, electrodialysis reversal and continuous deionization systems for ultra-pure water production.

  1. Thermax

Thermax is a diversified Indian company with a water and waste solutions division in Noida. They manufacture a range of Commercial water treatment equipment, including RO plants.

Thermax’s RO systems use energy-efficient pumps and automation. Capacity ranges from small plants to multi-effect units providing millions of liters per day. They can treat even highly brackish/saline feedwater.

The company provides complete RO solutions. This includes pretreatment equipment like multimedia filters and softeners. As well as post-treatment like EDI for ultrapure polishing.

Thermax serves clients in power, steel, pharma, textile and other sectors requiring process and boiler feed water treatment. Their RO plants are skid-mounted for ease of installation.

  1. Doshion

Doshion is an established manufacturer of water treatment systems based in Noida. Among their product lineup are Commercial RO desalination plants.

Doshion uses advanced CrossFlow membranes in their RO systems. These high rejection spiral-wound elements effectively remove dissolved solids and bacteria.

The modular RO plants are compact, skid-mounted units with PLC automation. They are designed for simple installation and low maintenance.

Add-on systems like EDI or mixed bed polish water further as required.

Doshion supplies their commercial RO plants to sectors like automotive, textiles, beverages, pharmaceuticals and more.


Commercial RO plants provide a reliable source of pure water for many industries. As the need for process water treatment grows, so does the demand for capable commercial RO plant manufacturers.

Noida is a hub for several leading companies in this field. Top names like Netsol Water, Sewage Treatment Plants, Thermax and Doshion offer high-quality commercial RO solutions. They have expertise in designing custom plans tailored to each client’s specific water quality and capacity requirements.

When selecting an RO plant manufacturer, look for experience, premium components, full pre- and post-treatment integrations, and strong service support. Reputable manufacturers ensure their commercial RO plants reliably produce the purest water to meet stringent process needs.

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