Largest wastewater Treatment Plant

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Wastewater Treatment Plant

A Wastewater Treatment Plant is a process or you can say the combination of different processes (Biological, Physical, Chemical) that are used to treat and remove the contaminants from industrial wastewater or sewage to convert it for reusability purposes or to return it into the water cycle with acceptable impact on the environment.

Treated water is safe enough to release it into the environment or reusability (for eg. Gardening, Farming, Cleaning, Toilets, etc.).

Where is the largest wastewater treatment plant?

The largest wastewater Treatment Plants can be categorized on the basis of different terms like- Capacity, Size, Work efficiency during Dry and wet weather, etc.  In terms of capacity and work during both dry and wet weather, is Jean-R. Marcotte Wastewater Treatment Plant in Montreal, Canada opened in the Year 1984.

The Capacity of plants in dry weather is 2780000 m3 per day and during wet weather, it is 7600000 m3 per day. secondary treatment of effluents would be the Deer Island Waste Water Treatment Plant of Boston.

List 5 Largest Sewage Treatment Plant in World

Below listed Top 5 Largest STP Plant, till now it is the largest STP in the world on behalf of their capacity and other major terms. Here you can get the plant name and located City and country name with capacity.

Plant nameCityCountryOpeningYearDry-weathercapacity (m³ per day)Wet-weathercapacity (m³ per day)Area(km²)
Jean-R.-Marcotte Wastewater Treatment PlantMontreal Canada19842780 0007600 0000.67
Detroit Wastewater Treatment PlantDetroit USA19402460 0006435 0000.53
Stickney Water Reclamation PlantChicago USA19302665 0005450 0001.67
Deer Island Waste Water Treatment PlantBoston USA19681438 0004542 0000.6
Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment PlantWashington D.C. USA19371450 0004073 0000.62

Largest STP Plant in India

India's Largest Sewage Treatment Plant | Netsol water Solutions

The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) approved the setting up of a new sewage treatment plant (STP) at Okhla which, it claimed, will be India’s largest stp plant.

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